Since you clicked on the Dolphins, I guess I will tell you a little bit about myself.
Better click the back button fast because this has nothing to do with work.

Born and raised on (and in) Mobile Bay-(pronounced Moe-Bill dagnabit!)
I joined the Navy when I was 17, yes-straight out of high school. Why you might ask.......none of your business
-just kidding
Did not have any money to go to college and I partied too much in high school to get a scholarship, there-you happy!!!
Why did you choose the Navy-(boy do I hate nosey people...)
I went to the four branches (sorry USCG) and researched their hardest programs---mental programs-I am no SEAL...
Newsweek rated the Naval Nuclear Power program as the hardest collegiate program in the US,
(Higher than MIT-a fact that makes me very proud.), with a strict entrance process and a 75% attrition rate, I knew it was for me.
After learning how to glow in the dark I volunteered for Submarine Service.

that makes me a Sub-Mariner not a Sub-Marine-er
I was lucky enough to be chosen for the best Sub in the Navy-no joke.
A fast attack spec op (special operations) boat out of Hawaii, we consistently scored excellent on our ORSE exams (rare to say the least) and consistently received the Battle E.
To put it in nautical terms: "We were the S#!&"
Been through every longitude and 3/4 of the latitude, we got around.
I had the pleasure of working with numerous specialized groups and the best of the best.
If you are one of them-it was my extreme honor to work beside you.

Very family oriented, so after the Navy I went back home.
I have two sisters, of whom I am very proud and have the utmost respect.
One is a CPA who has her own firm, Karen C. Simmons, PC and the other who owned her own business, which she ran with such diligence and pride that it astounded me. She recently sold the business so she could teach at her kids private school. They both amaze me. Not bad for three kids who grew up dirt poor on the Parkway.

Immediately upon my honorable discharge I started at the University of South Alabama, a very underrated college.
Three years later I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering. (yeap, three years :) )
I was inducted into Pi Tau Sigma (an engineering honor society-must be top 3%) and missed graduating with honors by a very very small fraction (thank you very much Dr. Zheng!!!-can't follow my work my arse-I was always the first one to be done and the answers on both finals were 100% correct.... ohhhhhh....uuuhhhgggg... the agony.. haunts me to this day)
I wanted to get a tri-major in Physics and Math but the Dean of Engineering would not let me get co-majors while getting my BSME, Department policy :(. I was set to go for my Masters/Doctorate in Engineering, however, that was side tracked when I met my wife.
Who would Marry me- YOU GO TOO FAR!!!
Who-The most beautiful and talented woman I have ever met (wife's addendum- "or will ever meet").
She was the lead singer for a regional rock group (she plays piano, horn, guitar etc...which fills the house) and I instantly fell in love the first time I met her and I'm smitten to this day (even though she is more than a little crazy).
-I know-kissy kissy goo goo - get ready-here comes more
her inner joy for life, her spirit have taught me more than I will ever admit. She unwittingly guides my life, my character and gives me true meaning.

ok, back to being a man--
Fate being a kind friend, while I was still in school, I was sought out by Marine Exhaust Systems of Alabama and I could not ask for a better job... BUT DON'T STOP ASKING.
I was starting my senior year when I started receiving calls with job offers.
I interviewed at Marine Exhaust and knew it was destined to be. Felt right.

Challenging, engaging, and believe me-none stop, day and night. Every facet of every job I think.
Sales-which I never thought I'd do and better yet, never thought I'd be good at...(People really appreciate my frank honesty-I won't and don't Bull$#!*), Design-which I truly love, Marketing, Advertising, Purchasing, Quality Control, Research, Technical Support, Network Administrator (I put our network together-fun stuff) and much more (not to mention the fun I get to have building and maintaining this web site)
Every day is worthwhiled and exciting
The OJT given to me freely (and daily) by our superior machinist, welders and fitters have become invaluable. If you have talked to me on the phone, you know how I brag on the superiority of our craftsmen.
Shortly after meeting my wife and landing the perfect job, not shotgun short but there was no time wasted if you know what I mean- and I think you do, we had our first daughter.
The second joy of my life-(1st joy being my wife, Family First always)-and she is just like her mother. Brilliant and Beautiful, she scored Post High School on on her second, fifth and sixth grade SAT's!!! In 7th grade she scored high enough on the ACT to actually get into college :) and now, a few years later, she is way way too far away at NYU pursueing her Law Degree... crazy.
A couple of years after our first daughter was born, we had our second girl, another miracle and yes-still just like her mother--thank God. And yes she scored post high school on her second and fifth grade SAT's as well!!! Studying out in California with real plans to go to Korea or Japan... again way too far.
I love them soooo much!! They have sooo much of their mother in them-how could I not, and both are way smarter than I will ever be...
We were also blessed recently with becoming guardians to another great and brilliant soul, who had a full ride soccer scholarship to Mississippi State University. Hail State I believe they say (I like to yell Roll State but no one but me thinks it's funny). She is a power of a person who should never, under any circumstance, be allowed to drive again, ever :)
She is now finishing up on her Accounting degree following the footsteps of her aunt.

Somewhere in between our first two kids we found the perfect dog, and I do mean perfect. A gift from God, true member of the family.

Heaven just got a little brighter...She passed April 2009-may she rest in peace.

Now, My wife finished her Masters in Speech Pathology at the University of South Alabama with honors and is a force in her career, so very proud.
All through grad school, she did not make anything below an A!!! and moving forward I truly feel she has found her calling :)
Me, I am now the owner of Marine Exhaust :) and I have plans to get my PE License some time in the distant future-this may be impossible as I have no PE to work under...) and I plan to go back to college for my MBA, CWI and masters when my wife lets me. (Maybe get Marine Exhaust to pay for it...JUST KIDDING... wink wink)

Well-that's me or atleast my perception of me. I love my girls and my job, life is good.
post script: Life can be strange so lets see where this goes. BUT Life is always good, Adventures shall always be welcomed, and fate is a ride... let's go.
and now to play with some more PHP :)